The Wessex Teaching School is committed to supporting other schools through sharing good practice, and offering a number of teachers to support colleagues in the development of class practice.

Recently we have recently appointed 7 SLEs, all working in Schools within the Yeovil Federation, who can offer support in a range of areas .

These are:-





Closing the Gap, Maths, ITT and NVQ Development Mrs Jackie Bachrach Oaklands Primary School  
Maths Mrs Cara Carlock Huish Primary School Mrs Cara Carlock
ITT and Literacy Mrs Andrea Fossey Huish Primary School Mrs Andrea Fossey
Maths, Computing, School Data Analysis, Quality of Teaching CPD Mr Vaughan-Hillier Nickels Huish Primary School Mr Vaughan Hillier-Nickels
Behaviour and Discipline Mrs Caroline Lancey St Michael's Academy  
Raising Standards, SEN Support Mrs Tanya Ogden St Michael's Academy  
Early Years Foundation Stage Mrs Abi Nathan Huish Primary School Mrs Abi Nathan